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"The Land of the Living Past"

General Leonid Ivashov, 12.01.05
/ Witness in matters of Мiloshevich /

Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo
Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo
Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo
Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo
Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo Serbia. Kosovo

At the beginning of 90th the mister BZHEZINSKY declared: "With a communism done away, on a turn is ORTHODOXY". So this FIGHT PROCEEDS. Purpose of it - "to cross" us in other religion and to do everything more precisely we forget the religious, cultural-historical roots. And then probably we will become obedient, such as all satellytes of the USA and world financial capital. The Hague tribunal is the most frank example of all of it.

What did Serbians do, remainig Kosovo's episode, I mean Yugoslavian guidance at the head of Мiloshevich? They reacted on development of situation. Events developed as follows: on the first stage at the beginning of 90th Balkan-Kavkazian and Turkish mafia wanted to open out three trans-shipments narcopoints - through Macedonia, North Albania and in Prishtina, on territory of Кosovo. For realization of this plan they needed to blow up a situation. The first battle terrorist groups on Balkan were formed on the money of narkomafia and under itself guidance. Then they gave the political colouring and elements of national liberation motion for it. So it appeared the enough ramified terrorist network.

How Belgrade must react on it? How any state respecting itself - to make an effort to liquidate and crush down this network. But since 90th the last century, fusing of narcoterrorist network with certain forces in United States of America happened. Then the USA and NATO stuck the fight against a genocide and etc. This union is obvious for us. Narkomafia pursued the purpose, Americans and NATO - their. Thus there were "fights" between them. There the Turkish and German special service tried to show activity, whereupon Americans crushed down those and other taking under control this essential district of Balkan.

Farther they lined up a corridor for Serbians, designating scopes - from one side, consent on voluntarily occupation by forces NATO and care from the political arena of the mode of Мiloshevicha. If Serbians disagreed on this variant, had to be expose to bombardments which the ground operation followed. In this narrow corridor Belgrade was tired out from 1990 year, it settled for large compromise concessions. Nevertheless all operation was already planned and was carried through. Serbians which by virtue of the state responsibility were under an obligation to contest terror and destabilization, by virtue of international obligations they had to support stability in a region and on the territory, today on prisoners' box. And ringleaders of terrorists are free, occupy leading posts, participate in international conferences, they are adopted in western capitals solemnly.

In Hague Slobodan Мiloshevich was produced the prosecutions to 66(!) articles, but no one of these reasons can prove. He is laid in the genocide of Albanian population, but there is no one document where Мiloshevich or someone from his inferiors - chief of General Staff, Minister and etc - would put the purpose of ethnic suppression of Albanians. It is not present! Vice versa, and we demonstrated that - all orders and directives of Yugoslavian guidance careful and careful attitude was just expressed toward the peaceful population, including Albanians. In addition, Мiloshevich is charged the strategy of creation of so-called "Great Serbia", but again it finds no confirmation. Moreover I showed particular that Мiloshevich, from my point of view, had not rendered due support serbian Кrayne and Republic of Serbian. When NATO began to rearm Croatia and Bosnia, we were ready to help to rearm and render support to Serbians, but Мiloshevich showed passivity. He followed like sheep to the embargo on helping military and military-technical, which was imposed with our help by the way.

Мiloshevich is imputed excessive application of military force. We demonstrated the orders of the Supreme high command General Staff, orders to a 1-th Prishtina corps where were funny points to my mind. When the commander of Prishtina corps sets the problem to army subdivisions - if you were accomplished sudden assault, before application of weapon you call attacking to the cease-fire and conduct of negotiations. It's that what for I criticized the chief of the general Staff of the general Dragolyuba Оidanicha. Actually, there is no proofs about excessive application of military force by Serbians, and weren't. Such picture is folded practically about all episodes, that is imputed to Мiloshevich.

But there are such "proofs" which nothing except for a smile can not cause. For example, the side of prosecution drove young Albanian to the court which declared that was shot in Кosovo exactly because Albanian. And for evidentness he showed a bloodstained shirt with three enormous openings in area of breast to the court. Albanian: "That is shot me". And Мiloshevich asked Albanian: "From what weapon did shoot you?". Albanian answered looking in the scrap of paper: "From a large-calibre machine gun". Мiloshevich asked Albanian to heave up clothes and to show wounds to the court but he answered that can not to do it as moslem. Another question followed a "victim": "From what distance in you did shoot?". - "From three meters... " Such witnesses testimonies are on verge of idiocy.

But on the whole, I want to underline it, today in Hague orthodoxy is judged, is judged the rebellious Serbian people and this is fully evidently and obviously. The USA and NATO achieved their objective at first dismembering large Yugoslavia, then the Republic Yugoslavia. And today the real state is not present - Serbia with Montenegro and pretty fragile relations between them. This is ideal variant for the West. Yes, Serbian opposition of socialistic and patriotic orientation comes forward. But as a result of "velvet revolution" the power in Serbia is the same saakashvily and the same yuschenko which under full control.

During listening in a tribunal in Hague I mentioned some facts, for example, as the mrs. Albright rang to the main terrorist Hahym Тhacy, required something from him, supported the relations and etc. That mrs. Albright already after signing - in fact instrument of surrenders which our mister Chernomyrdin presented - collected democratic opposition of Serbia and Montenegro in Germany - Dzhinzhich, Dzhukanovych et al. She literally spoke with them rudely and sharply - you must, we give a money you and etc. So those leaders in which they inlaid facilities, the USA control. Dzhinzhich on call of Americans handed over Мiloshevich to the Hague tribunal as handed over and other.

In a tribunal witnesses from Russia succeeded - to my mind, main - to open out a process toward the prosecution of authentic culprits - the USA and NATO. On concrete arguments and facts we showed that aggression took place in regard to Yugoslavia, that a conspiracy was with narcoterrorist structures, then the project of dismemberment of Yugoslavia ripened. We showed that all these negotiations processes, missions OBSE et al were a screen actually, disguise. This scenario was carried through. I brought these arguments over to a process and grew proofs. In the total a public prosecutor in a court renounced the records of talks of Albright with the head of terrorists were represented. A public prosecutor suddenly demanded to bring some codes(!?) of our special services. Me and Russia were tried to blame for that we listened the negotiations of the first persons of countries of the West. I explained to the public prosecutor, that a terrorist network was listened, and who gets there... In the total a public prosecutor renounced to interrogate me, he was nervous and assumed causticities. In general the prosecution does not have arguments.

There were appearances of Primakov Eugeny. But a court admitted that our testimonies change a situation on the whole and the new circumstances appeared. Actualy today we can't hope that will justify Мiloshevich and those Serbians which together him is in prisoners' box. To justify Мiloshevich means to accuse the USA and NATO. A process goes neither so nor so. Some of defendants sit already more than three years. To the end of 2006 year court is going to complete the interrogation of sides, to pass judgements to 2008. And two years they want to take on an appeal, although not clearly, where to appeal to.

Мiloshevich does not acknowledge legitimity of this court, renounces advocates, is on the defensive, looks confidently. And it seemed to me that Мiloshevich owns a situation in a court, he had mass of information, in earnest prepared, refuted everything and all. That does honour to Мiloshevich - he undertook guilt of all inferiors including ministers and generals, ready to carry responsibility for each the decision. In Hague a small size Albanians sits, some huligan elements, while from the Serbian side - in fact - all military-political guidance - President, Secretary of Defence, who is Chief of General Staff, Commander of corps, Deputy minister of Defensive, Voislav Sheshel, President of Serbia ect. Serbian guidance was planted in edification to the other leaders including Kuchma probably and Lukashenko - that expects those who will dare resist to Americans.

Secretary Albright greets Hahim Thaci, UCK leader August 1999, after the war Behind the Curtain Tony Blair and the UCK leader Thaci



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